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Frequently Asked Question

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  • How much is the capacity of Bien Dong's factories?

    We proudly are the global pangasius leader. In addition to quality, capacity of factories is the factor that helps us achieve this position. Currently, we have 10 production lines for pangasius fillets, operated by more than 4000 employees. Capacity Fillet Production: 500 per day.

  • Why should I choose sustainably farmed fish?

    Our seas face a wide range of threats, including climate change, pollution, habitat loss and biodiversity loss. The UN has named unsustainable fishing as the greatest driver of marine biodiversity loss in the world. However, over 2 billion people around the world depend on seafood as their primary source of animal protein. Aquaculture already provides over half the world’s seafood. This is often cited as the only sustainable means of increasing the fish supply to meet the food needs of the world’s growing population.
    End-consumers today are factoring environmental sustainability into their purchasing decisions. When you choose sustainably farmed seafood, you are not only meeting the needs of your customers, but also making our future better.

  • Which standards have been applied in your Pangasius farms?

    Apart from the respect of master plan of farming zones, environment and food safety aspects as required by Vietnamese regulations, Bien Dong's farming have also applied international standards as required by clients to ensure sustainable development with 4 criteria: food safety, environmental responsibility, social responsibility and traceability. International standards include:

    • Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)
    • Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)
    • Global Good Aquaculture Practices (GLOBAL GAP)
  • What Pangasius products do we offer?

    Our main product line of pangasius fillets, we also have nearly 10 pangasius products. Products are researched and developed according to the latest consumer trends, with a variety of recipes according to US, European and Asian tastes. We focus on creative products that bring consumers: healthy and nutritious, convenience, experience in cuisine.

    • Pangasius Fillets
    • Pangasius Portions
    • Pangasius Rolled
    • Pangasius Skewers
    • Pangasius Breaded
    • Pangasius Steaks
    • Pangasius Whole
  • How do I purchase products?

    Purchasing products from us is simple. You just leave contact information in the contact form the right, our staff will support you anytime.

  • Where do you deliver?

    Currently, we have sold to 50 markets worldwide. In which, the 3 largest markets are the US, Europe including the UK and China. We also have partnership with companies in US.

  • What payment types are accepted?

    We always support customers with the most convenient payment method. You either TT 50% deposit, TT 50% against the copy of documents via email or LC at sight.

  • Do you have customized solutions?

    Yes, of course. Our Research, Development and Innovation team has the combined experience to help you with a customized solution. We are willing to cooperate with customers to create customer's own recipes and their own brand.

  • What is the minimum order amount? Can I have mixed more than 1 item?

    The minimum order amount is 1 container 40 feets at least. Depending on what type of product you want to combine with, we can be flexible case by case to bring the best service to you. We prefer 1 item / container, but for the first order, we could support you with 2-3 items.